Juggling Motherhood: Liz Sunshine, Clare Muneri-Leong, and Lisa Danielle:

Discover how Liz Sunshine, Clare Muneri-Leong and Lisa Danielle make time for motherhood with their mini me’s.

Lisa Danielle, wearing Rixo, and her daughter Gigi,
wearing Fendi

Soaking up the sunset in their home of Byron Bay

From cooking to basketball, arts and crafts and beach walks, we sat down with some of our favourite mothers and their children to chat favourite things and what the kids love most about having fun with Mum.

Liz Sunshine with children Harry and Poppy

Harry wears Polo Ralph Lauren tee and pants, Liz wears Country Road dress and Veja sneakers.

What’s your favourite thing to do with your children?
I love everything. Going to the park, on adventures to meet new animals, but mostly just making them laugh, I’m the best tickler in our house – I can always make them laugh in that over the top, out of control, have to catch your breath kind of way.

Harry wears Seed Heritage knit and chinos, Liz wears Camilla & Marc coat, Poppy wears Country Road knit.
Liz, Harry and Poppy on one of their many adventures.

“My kids inspire me by how they see the world. Every day is a good day through a child’s eyes. Every day is about having more fun, and laughing as much as you can.”

Liz Sunshine on how her children, Harry and Poppy, inspire her.

Sibling love with Harry and Poppy

Walks on the farm make for the
ultimate time together

Harry and Poppy, what do you love about Mum?
She gives me cuddles and takes me on good adventures. I like it when she plays with us and makes really yummy birthday cakes.

And when do you have the most fun with Mum?
We love when she chases us. We run so fast she can’t really catch us – I’m always faster. Sometimes when she’s chasing Poppy she looks funny, because she is really not going very fast. But Poppy can’t tell because she is running away. We also love building cubby houses and being sprayed with water while we run around the garden.

Clare Muneri-Leong with children Ziggy and Marlo

Ziggy, wearing Polo Ralph Lauren tee and pants, Clare wearing Country Road top with beautiful baby Marlo.

What have you learned about yourself through motherhood?
Through motherhood, I have learned of my limitless strength to face every challenge, both personally and professionally, with grace. I have really leaned into and celebrated this inner strength since becoming a mother of two. Secondly, I have learned how powerful my intuition is. It has never failed me. You gotta trust your gut – always!

What’s your favourite thing to do with Ziggy and Marlo?
My favourite thing to do with Ziggy is to cook. Cooking is one of the many ways I show my family love – whether it’s an elaborate celebratory feast or a simple mid-week meal. I’ve been fortunate Ziggy has always been keen in the kitchen so cooking together has been an excellent way for us to bond over the years and I absolutely love teaching him new recipes to add to his repertoire. COVID lockdowns had our kitchen working overtime and he mastered French toast, eggs two ways and pancakes, all of which he can now make unassisted. With Marlo being only 6 months young, my favourite thing to do with him is to feed his curious little mind by reading him stories. Marlo is the most chilled baby and already listens with so much intention – if I can get him to giggle by making the characters have funny voices, it makes the moment even more special!

Good sports on and off the court. Ziggy wears Country Road vest.
Ziggy wears Polo Ralph Lauren tee and jeans, Clare wears Country Road knit and shorts.

Ziggy, how are you spoiling Mum this Mother’s Day?
I am spoiling mum this Mother’s Day by letting her sleep in and bringing her breakfast in bed.

When do you have the most fun with Mum?
I have the most fun with mum when we go to the park and laugh together! She’s really funny when she jokes with me.

Lisa Danielle

Lisa and Gigi

What have you learned about yourself through motherhood?
I’ve learned that I’m patient and I really enjoy nurturing.

Alongside sister Steph and niece Daisy.

Lisa wears Rixo, Steph wears Rotate, Daisy wears Chloé

“We are constantly checking in on one another, giving little tips along the way that have worked for us, but more than anything just being there to listen to each other when times get tough.”

Lisa Danielle on navigating life as a new mum alongside her sister, Steph

What’s your favourite thing to do with your daughter Gigi?
My favourite thing to do with Gigi is to simply get down on the ground with her and play, take in all the little things that fascinate her. Flowers, animals, other babies, everything in nature. I just watch her cute little expressions, smother her in kisses constantly and live in the present moment with her. Everything else drifts away, there is no better feeling!