Cause and effect: how Gen Z are shaping the future

Dressed in more sustainable fashion to celebrate David Jones’ Mindfully Made platform, these Gen Z change-makers are shaping the future for the better.

Tara wears Bianca Spender dress (coming soon), Sarah & Sebastian drop earrings

David Jones’ Mindfully Made initiative spotlights brands and makers on their sustainability journeys. All products featured meet one or more of our Mindfully Made attributes: reduce and recycle, sourced with care, Australian made, community minded and kind to animals. Celebrating progress not perfection, the platform aims to educate and inspire conscious consumption.

Tara Chandra

Understanding and empathy drive Tara Chandra. With 84,000 Instagram followers, her eclectic presence is built on authenticity. From co-founding an online vintage clothing store to unpacking internalised racism by sharing her own experience, Chandra’s social conversation is unapologetic and honest. Using fashion as a creative outlet, she creates content that champions individualism. Her future ambitions? “To simply be happy doing what I’m doing. I’m living the future now.”

Local label Bianca Spender is committed to being carbon neutral, uses dead-stock fabric across more than 50 per cent of its collection and celebrates Australian-made fashion.

Varsha wears Saba shirt, Bec + Bridge skirt, R.M. Williams boots

Varsha Yajman

Paralegal Varsha Yajman is also a leader with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, helping bring together the 80,000-strong turnout at the 2019 School Strike 4 Climate in Sydney. Despite her success, she doesn’t discount the little things in her fight for climate justice. “I think being practical, doing what you can within your means and not putting too much pressure on yourself is important,” she says. “It’s amazing to see iconic brands taking steps, too. It makes a statement that we’re all moving towards a more sustainable future.”

Saba’s vegan leather collection is full of buttery-soft pieces that make a luxurious addition to any wardrobe.

Taylah wears Bec + Bridge jacket and pants (coming soon), Neuw Denim singlet, Stella McCartney sandals, Sarah & Sebastian earrings

Taylah Gray

Lawyer, PhD candidate and proud Wiradjuri woman, Taylah Gray is a force to be reckoned with. As an advocate for the rights of First Nations people in Australia, Gray has vocalised inequality and racial bias in education, and is motivated to create a more ethical society for future generations. Citing the proverb ‘We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children’, she says, “It’s not everyone’s job to save every part of the world, but it is everyone’s job to take the best possible care of the environment they reside in.”

Bec + Bridge supports our local industry with their proudly Australian-made fashion.

Macinley wears Nobody Denim shirt and jeans, Sarah & Sebastian necklaces

Macinley Butson

Macinley Butson won first place in the medical science category at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair – the first ever Australian to do so – at just 16 years old. Four years later, she remains an inspiration for women in the male-dominated STEM industry. Speaking of her future ambitions, pushing the boundaries remains high. “As long as we are presented with challenges, I will be working to actively solve them,” she says. How exactly? Developing materials, such as plastic alternatives, and educating the community will play a big part, as she believes, “It’s important to keep the public aware of current science and the path we’re taking to advance as a society.”

Nobody Denim is Ethical Clothing Australia accredited, utilising local manufacturing and prioritising a fair and safe work environment.

AJ wears Reformation dress, Natalie Marie earrings

AJ Clementine

“I was a shy, resilient, and naive kid who believed the world would someday make room for her,” says LGBTQI+ activist AJ Clementine. A transgender woman, sharing her transition story on social media cemented her status as an advocate. “Overcoming adversity pushed me to create a more educated and safer experience for individuals who see themselves in me,” she says. By partnering with iconic brands, including being the first transgender person to model for Bonds, Clementine hopes to inspire confidence and help the trans community be heard. 

 A transparent supply chain is at the core of Reformation’s mindful approach to fashion, giving consumers insight to where their clothes come from.

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Styling Danielle Cortisano, Photography Duncan Killick