Introducing A New Friend of David Jones, The Hon Julie Bishop

Celebrate International Women’s Day 2023 with an icon of enduring elegance; the newly announced Friend of David Jones, the Hon Julie Bishop.


The first female Minster for Foreign Affairs and a former Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party. Julie has joined David Jones as a Friend of the brand joining a line-up of inspiring individuals, including Adam Goodes, Victoria Lee, Eleanor Pendelton, and more. 

Julie is someone who proves that you can do it all, and you can do it all with style. Politician, consultant, diplomat, fitness and fashion icon, Julie refuses to let others define her and has always pushed boundaries in pursuit of her passions.  

As a strong, independent, inspiring woman, we welcome Julie as the latest addition to our incredible talent lineup—something that we, at David Jones, are incredibly proud of.

In celebration of this inspiring friendship, we spoke with Julie about Australian fashion, David Jones, and the book she believes everyone should read.

5-Minutes With Friend of David Jones, the Hon Julie Bishop

What is your favourite memory about David Jones?

I have so many memories of David Jones as I have grown up with it as my favourite department store. As a little girl, I bought my first fashion outfit from my saved pocket money at the store in Adelaide.

The David Jones [Record Bar] in Rundle Street became the place to hang out for year 10 and 11 students. I mean, this is the 70s when you would go to a record bar and buy LPs. My friends used to hang out there on Friday afternoons.

What led you to David Jones, and why now?

I’m delighted to be part of the David Jones family. It is such a fashion icon in terms of a retail store. I love the fact that David Jones is the oldest, continuous retail operator under the same name in the world. I think that’s amazing and a testament to the Australian public’s appreciation for a high-end world-class store, and I wanted to be part of it.

What inspires you the most about the Australian fashion industry?

The Australian fashion industry is so inspiring because of the depth of talent of our designers and stylists and manufacturers. We really do have world-class talent in our industry that can hold their own anywhere in the world. 

Our fashion industry contributes significantly to the Australian Economy, it’s worth billions to the Australian financial bottom line and employs hundreds and thousands of people so it’s a very significant part of the Australian economy and the sustainability of that economy.


How would you describe your personal style?

It’s hard to describe your personal style. I feel comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt or an evening gown, but I like to buy classic pieces perhaps with a slight edge.

For me, fashion is about your attitude to life and how you express and define yourself and I am constantly inspired by women who prove that style is ageless. I am looking forward to continuing my support for the Australian fashion industry.

What is your favourite piece of clothing/accessory in your wardrobe, and why?

I always have a favourite, but it comes and goes. Currently, it’s a Louis Vuitton handbag, the Multi-Pochette. It has 3 elements to it, two bags and a little coin purse and a couple of straps. I can adapt it, and I wear it everywhere from evening to day casual. It’s a most useful handbag.

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What is a book that you think every person should read?

I recommend anything by Henry Kissinger because we all need to know more about global affairs. Probably Henry Kissinger’s book Diplomacy, it’s all about how to prevent war and conflict.

What does a perfect weekend look like for you?

My perfect weekend would involve a soft sand beach run and yoga, cocktails with friends and dinner in one of the latest restaurants.


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 Photography: Steven Chee
 Interview: Nadia Salemme
 Fashion direction: Kelly Hume
 Editor-in-chief: Sarrah Le Marquand