Introducing the 2022 Australian Fashion Laureate Award Winners

From emerging designers to well-established designers, there’s no greater honour than being nominated for an Australian Fashion Laureate award.

The Fashion Laureate Class of 2022

Since its launch in 2008, the Australian Fashion Laureate has celebrated designers from all across the nation, seeking out those who push sartorial boundaries and redefine what it means to be “fashion”. 

In October, IMG announced the finalists of the 2022 Australian Fashion Laureate, spotlighting 16 designers across four categories, with the winner announced on November 22nd, 2022.

The categories for this prestigious award include Designer of the Year, Emerging Designer of the Year, Indigenous Designer of the Year, Sustainable Innovation of the Year, the People’s Choice award, and The Carla Zampatti Award for Excellence which was created as a moving tribute to the late fashion designer and businesswoman of the same name. 

The winner of these award categories will be listed amongst some of Australia’s most influential and game-changing alumni brands, and will join the ranks of innovative brands such as Romance was Born, COMMAS, Dion Lee, Bassike, and Julie Shaw of luxury resortwear brand, Maara Collective

‘Designer of the Year’ winners Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman of Camilla and Marc

‘Sustainable Innovation of the Year’ winner Robert Sebastian Grynkojki of Sarah and Sebastian

Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman of Camilla and Marc took home the ‘Designer Of The Year’ accolate. Having become synonymous with contemporary Australian luxury womenswear, their label forms the staples within every Australian women’s wardrobe.

Sarah Munro and Robert Sebastian Grynkojki of Sarah and Sebastian won the ‘Sustainable Innovation of the Year’. Their cult-favourite jewellery brand is dedicated to ethical pieces that honour Australia’s biodiversity.

Lesleigh Germanus of Alemais was awarding ‘Emerging Designer of the Year’. After taking out this year’s National Designer Award, it’s no surprise the two year old label was award this prize.

Rebecca Vallance took home the ‘People’s Choice Award’. Her signature take on after-dark elegance is the epitome of what it means to embrace dressing up.

“The Australian Fashion Laureate celebrates the hard work and creativity of Australia’s top designers and their role in the growth and global recognition of Australian fashion”, said Natalie Xenita, Vice President Managing Director of IMG’s Fashion Events and Properties, Asia-Pacific.

 “This year’s group of finalists have demonstrated excellence in their craft and have been purposeful in utilising their platforms and influence to communicate important social, cultural, and environmental messages,” she says. 

‘People’s Choice Award’ winner Rebecca Vallance
‘Emerging Designer of the Year’ winner Lesleigh Germanus of Alemais

The First Nations Program: Elevating and Celebrating Indigenous Fashion

Of the four recognised brands nominated for the Indigenous Designer of the Year, we are pleased to share that two brands, Ngali and Liandra Swim, are part of David Jones’ Pathway Program.

A runway piece from Indigenous Designer of the Year nominee, Ngali

An ongoing initiative, The Pathways Program works to create a future Australian fashion industry that is more inclusive and representative of Indigenous design and culture.

Following names like Ngali, Kirrikin, Liandra Swim, MAARA Collective and Native Swimwear from mentorship to their runway debut at AfterPay Australian Fashion Week, The Pathways Program and the recently launched First Nations Designer Capsule Collection marking an exciting new step in the program. 

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The 2022 Australian Fashion Laureate Winners

Designer of the Year, presented by BTC Markets

The 2022 Finalists
Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest – Aje
Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman – CAMILLA AND MARC WINNER
Christopher Esber
Rachel Gilbert

Emerging Designer of the Year, presented by LG

The 2022 Finalists
Alix Higgins
Jordan Halad
Jordan Gogos, Iordanes Spyridon Gogos
Lesleigh Jermanus, ALÉMAIS – WINNER

Sustainable Innovation of the Year, presented by DHL

The 2022 Finalists
Bianca Spender
Kit Willow, KITX
Matt Jenson, M.J Bale
Sarah Munro and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki, Sarah and Sebastian – WINNER