Everything You Need to Host a Romantic Valentine’s Day Picnic

 From champagne to easy-to-make picnic recipes, discover the secret to hosting a Valentine’s Day picnic like no other.

A Valentine’s Day picnic feast to romance and delight.

Valentine’s Day Picnic Essentials

Before we dive into a list of picnic nibbles, there are a few essential items you need to ensure your Valentine’s Day picnic is an unmitigated success.

The Picnic Essentials:

  • Picnic Basket
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Unbreakable glassware
  • Cheese Boards and Knives
  • Picnic mini table
  • Fresh flowers

Picnic Basket

First things first: you need a sturdy yet stylish picnic hamper to carry all your goodies in. The Sand Picnic Basket from Country Road makes a compelling case for practical yet impossibly chic picnic hampers.

Picnic-Proof Glassware

A picnic calls for sturdy, unbreakable glassware that will keep your beverage safe and looking good. Avoid Valentine’s Day picnic mishaps with a matching set of Stemm + Unbreakable Wine Glasses from Porter Green. Dishwasher-safe and made from FDA-approved food-grade silicone, the sunset colour palette will look good with any beverage.

Cheeseboard and Knife

If you can’t imagine having a Valentine’s Day picnic without cheese, then a David Jones Byron Cheese Board And Knife Set is a must. From brie to blue, cheddar and camembert, this cheese platter will surely find a home in your picnic hamper.

Mini Picnic Table

Last but not least, why not add a little sophistication to a romantic picnic by bringing along your own mini picnic table?Look no further than the mini picnic table from Business & Pleasure Co. The Teak Picnic Table is made using the same teak wood and features folding legs and a carry strap for extra storage. This table also features four wine glass holders, which perfectly fit the picnic-proof glassware from Porter Green, and room to hold up a beach umbrella if your picnic is beachside.

Discover the secret to a swoon-worthy table with Jessica Nguyen’s guide: How to Style a Valentine’s Day Tablescape.

The Best Food to Take on a Valentine’s Day Picnic: Indulgent Treats & Nibbles

Now that you’ve wrapped up the essentials, it’s time to lean into the romance. A Valentine’s Day picnic is the perfect excuse to indulge in a little culinary opulence. 

Chocolates & Sweets

It wouldn’t be a romantic affair without the gift-ready  Valentine’s Gift Box from Venchi. Take your pick from these Italian-crafted assorted dark and milk chocolates. Effortlessly luxurious and sumptuously addictive, these tasty treats are a must for any Valentine’s Day picnic. 

Milk chocolate and berries: it’s a match made in heaven. Dive into the sumptuous Berry Bliss Milk Chocolate Bar from Melbourne Cocoa. This limited-edition heart cut-out packaging features the unique Melbourne CBD street map. Best of all, all this stylish packaging has been crafted from recycled or recyclable materials. How sweet is that?


Sweet Treats

Not a chocolate lover? Meet the cutest love share tub for that special someone with a sweet tooth; The Sent With Love Share Tub from Ask Mummy & Daddy. This extra-sweet bundle comes with the XOXO & I Love You To The Moon & Back jar, and a giant Sent With Love lollies collection. 


A stunning picnic calls for a luxury treat: Siberian Caviar from the caviar experts, Black Pearl. Harvested from the Siberian Sturgeon when the fish are around 9-10 years old, this pearl caviar features a mesmerising shimmer and colour. It’s a subtle, fresh, multifaceted experience punctuated with a creamy back palate. Don’t forget to pack a Caviar Spoon to share the grandeur. 

Chocolate-Coated Strawberries

Hand-dipped daily, David Jones Chocolate-coated Strawberries are a delight. Choose your pick from classic milk and dark chocolate, dark chocolate with freeze-dried passion fruit crisps, white chocolate with ruby chocolate piping, and dark chocolate with cocoa nibs. Available for purchase instore at our Bondi Store or Elizabeth St Store only.

Your Favourite Bubbles

A Valentine’s Day picnic wouldn’t be complete without a bottle to pop! Pop a bottle of genuine champagne from Moet & Chandon for a picnic like no other. The effervescent, ever-wonderful Brut Imperial Non-Vintage makes the perfect accompaniment to any nibbles and conversation. 
If you’re more inclined to enjoy rosé in the sun, then a bottle of the highly-coveted Whispering Angel Rosé is yours to enjoy. Featuring notes of fresh red berry fruit, this dry, zero-sugar is a versatile, certified winner.

Non-Alcoholic Bubbles

For those preferring non-alcoholic beverages, reach for a bottle of your favourite alcohol-free bubbles from French Bloom. The Organic Alcohol-free French Sparkling Le Rosé offers a well-balanced complexity of minerality and freshness with a few notes of rose petals and freshly picked berry aromas. 

Master the art of matching your drink to your snack with our guide: Food and Drink Pairings That Are Perfect for Any Occasion.

Easy-To-Make Valentine’s Day Picnic Snacks

Why not wow them completely by throwing together a picnic-perfect feast to enjoy? When searching for picnic food recipes, lean into recipes that can be served cold or at room temperature with minimal fuss.

The Best Valentine’s Day Picnic Food Recipe

Trust us when we say that this Charry Crostini recipe by Into The Sauce is the perfect Valentine’s Day delight. These Crostinis are incredibly easy to make, yet taste like you have your own personal chef. Swoon over the Fresh Mozzarella, Prosciutto, Fig Jam, and Rocket. Yum!

Easy-to-make Homemade Cocktails

Show off your cocktail-making skills with these Afternoon Summer Cocktail Recipes. Who wouldn’t love sipping on a homemade cocktail for Valentine’s Day? Rather than trying to mix and blend these cocktails while you’re lounging on a rug, premake these cocktails the morning of the picnic.

Keep them stored safely in a travel beverage vessel, preferably one that can keep them cool. Remember to give them a shake when you’re ready to pour.

Building the Perfect Valentine’s Day Picnic Charcuterie

It’s time for the star of the picnic (other than your significant other, of course), the charcuterie board. The name “charcuterie” refers to cold-cured, cooked, or smoked meats, but the modern charcuterie board covers more than just meats. Fruits, olives,  cheeses, pâtés—the world is your oyster.  For an even spread, balance each meat with at least one cracker or slice of bread. 

To Build the perfect charcuterie board, we suggest beginning with:

The Best Charcuterie Meats

Begin your charcuterie board with a fine selection of meats of different cuts, like Joselito. With 154 years of gastronomic excellence, this heritage brand is a must for a decadent Valentine’s picnic. Pair some of the world’s best Jamon with your champagne for a winning flavour combination. 

Can’t decide which smoked meat is your favourite? Why not try a variation of them? Be whisked away to Spain with The Four Artisans’ Authentic Spanish Charcuteria from La Boqueria. Inspired by traditional recipes and manufacturing methods, this collection of four Spanish-style Charcuteria is an excellent addition to any picnic. 
Available for purchase instore at our Bondi Store or Elizabeth St Store only.

Smoked Fish

Make a splash at the picnic with the addition of some high-quality Ocean Trout. We love Harris Smokehouse’s Hot Smoked Ocean Trout With Capers And Pickled Onions. This smoked fish carries flavours of natural wood smoke punctuated with capers and pickled onions. Balance this smoked treat with olives and a few cheeky crackers.


Anyone for pâté? Pair some crusty bread with pâté from Julianne’s Kitchen, available in smoked salmon or duck and shiraz. Unlike other pâtés, which are firm and crumbly, Julianne’s Kitchen pâté is light and fluffy with an almost mousse-like texture. Julianne’s pâtés are topped with a layer of accompanying fruit, alcohol jelly, or butter in complimentary flavours to add an extra zing to your palette. Picnic pro-tip: pack a set of Pâté Knives from Ecology for that extra dash of fancy alfresco dining.Available for purchase instore at our Bondi Store or Elizabeth St Store only.


No charcuterie or cheese board would be complete without pickles, chutney, and, the hero delicacy, olives. Collect a jar of Mount Zero Olives from our instore deli counter, and go on a culinary adventure to the Grampians. 


Indulge in a little terrine this Valentine’s day. We love this beautiful rabbit terrine, hand-made by the team at Victor Churchill. A firm textured terrine that uses fresh soft herbs to accentuate the delicate flavour of the rabbit. Set to perfection under a delicate layer of savoury jelly, this terrine is best served with some crunchy toasted bread, cornichons and French Dijon. Available for purchase instore at our Bondi Store or Elizabeth St Store only.


Last but never least, Wagyu Bresaola is a must. This Wagyu from Vic’s Meats is a highly marbled, whole muscle cured meat with a luscious silky mouthfeel and exquisite flavour. The cut of meat – topside, is chosen for its snowflake marbling and perfect formation. Slow ageing contributes to the sweet musky aromas and nutty finish. The bresaola is slow aged for 3 months, the result is a pure and authentic product with a smooth, clean palate, patiently nurtured and slow fermented.In order to maximise the flavour and aroma of any cured product, we suggest you serve the product at room temperature, or about 21ºC.  Available for purchase instore at our Bondi Store or Elizabeth St Store only.