Wish-List Worthy Gifts for Chinese Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re showing love or treating yourself, we’ve rounded up the little luxuries everyone needs in their life.


Gucci lipstick, Maison Balzac candle and Kilian lipstick
Gucci 唇膏, Maison Balzac 蜡烛 和 Kilian 唇膏

No matter how you define your relationship status, Valentine’s Day calls on us to show up with love in every sense. In addition to thoughtful acts and words of expression, love-filled tokens give us a way to hold on to the spirit of the day. From the highly-coveted to the ultra-indulgent, discover the pieces that promise to put a cherry on top of your August 14 plans.


For The Fashion Devotee


Chloé bag
Chloé 手袋

The It-Bag


A silhouette synonymous with the Chloé brand, what could be better than unwrapping the bag of the moment? Crafted in the finest leather, this forever piece is perfect for everyday wear.

作为 Chloé品牌的代名词,还有比开箱It包包更愉悦的体验吗?经典款永不落时,采用最优质的皮革制成,是日常穿搭的完美伴侣。

The New Style Star


A modern take on the classic LBD, this Balmain mini makes for the ultimate wardrobe investment. Designed to inspire the confidence of a classic Balmain blazer, what could be more thoughtful than the gift of eternal style?

这款 Balmain mini 是对经典LBD的现代诠释,是衣橱里不可缺少的一件单品。搭配 经典Balmain西装外套, 自信尽显,风格永恒,还有比这更贴心的礼物吗?

Balmain dress
Balmain 连衣裙

Alexander McQueen sandal
Alexander McQueen 凉鞋

Must-Have Sandals


The perfect balance between avant-garde and ultra-chic, these sandals are quintessentially Alexander McQueen. Shaped from super-soft materials and finished with stud details, they’re the perfect present for those wanting to add an edge to spring’s silhouettes.

此款凉鞋作为Alexander McQueen的经典代表,是前卫与超时髦的完美平衡之作?采用超柔软材料制成,细节用饰钉加以修饰。想要为春的气息增添一抹亮色吗?选这一款礼物绝对没错。

For The Lover of Beauty


Fabulous Fragrance


Described as summer in a bottle, Tom Ford’s Soleil Brûlant is the fragrance equivalent of a private island. Fusing notes of mandarin and bergamot with orange flower absolute, wrap it up for the one who’s always chasing the sun.

Tom Ford的Soleil Brûlant 有着”瓶子里的夏天”的美誉,是私人调香系列香水的代表。金色琥珀搭配柑橘调的气息,令人仿佛置身于金色岛屿。融合了柑橘和佛手柑与橙花的香气,是追逐阳光人士的首选。

Tom Ford fragrance
Tom Ford 香水

Kilian lipstick
Kilian 唇膏

Luxe Lips

Luxe Lips口红

A luxurious update on the iconic red lip, this high-intensity, matte lipstick by Kilian proves good things come in small packages. Cased in the brand’s emblematic Achilles shield motif, consider this a talisman for you or your love to carry close from day to night.


Signature Scents


The first scent by Riccardo Tisci for Burberry, Hero embraces a new masculine spirit. Enigmatic and adventurous, this fresh scent marries notes of sparkling bergamot with juniper and black pepper for a modern take on masculinity that makes for the perfect signature scent.

Hero 是里卡多·提西(Riccardo Tisci)为Burberry设计的第一款香水,展现了一种新的男性精神。这款清新的香水散发着神秘气质,彰显着冒险精神,融合了佛手柑、杜松和黑胡椒的香调,体现了现代的阳刚之气,是完美的男性必备香水。

Burberry fragrance
Burberry 香水

For Those Seeking Indulgence


Champagne Icons


Arguably the most famous name in the world of Champagne, Moët & Chandon’s Grand Vintage Brut lives up to the hype. A vibrant vintage, floral notes of linden, honeysuckle and acacia set the tone for a mouth-watering finish that’s guaranteed to impress.

酩悦特级年份干型香槟Moët & Chandon’s Grand Vintage Brut 享有盛名,无疑是香槟界最响亮的名字。这是一款充满活力的年份酒,散发着菩提叶、金银花和金合欢的香气,令人唇齿留香,难以忘怀。

Sweet Treats


Made in Melbourne using smooth creamy chocolate from sustainably sourced cocoa, this David Jones Chocolate selection is the ultimate indulgence. From pralines to chocolate, enjoy this one guilt-free.

这款David Jones精选巧克力 产自墨尔本,采用可持续采购的可可粉制成,巧克力质地柔滑绵密,给味蕾带来愉悦享受。从胡桃糖到巧克力,尽情享受零负担。

David Jones Food chocolate assortment
David Jones 美食 巧克力什锦

Something Special


Modelled on the Special Cuvée blend, Bollinger Rosé is a drop full of freshness. Delicately combining the fruits of previous harvests with the addition of reserve wines from Bollinger’s cellars in Aÿ, this is a bottle worthy of a special occasion.

伯兰爵粉红香槟(Bollinger Rosé) 以伯兰爵特级香槟(Special Cuvée)调和酒为原型,滴滴香醇,口感清新。这款香槟巧妙地混合了多个采收季节的果实,且添加了来自伯兰爵酒窖的珍藏酒,是亲密时刻的好搭档。

For The Ones Who Love To Live In Luxury


Cult Tech


For those in pursuit of perfect sound, look to Devialet. Combining 15 years of acoustics research and development with a portable design and 24 hours of battery life, the next generation of the Devialet Gemini True Wireless Earbuds are a gift you might just end up keeping for yourself.

追求完美音效?Devialet是您的不二选择。凭借15年的声学研发,下一代Devialet Gemini真无线耳机把便携式设计与24小时电池续航集于一身。一经拥有,绝对爱不释手。

A Styling Staple


Harnessing an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect, The Dyson Airwrap™ Styler is engineered to create effortless curls without extreme heat. Smart and sophisticated, this ultra-luxe styler is a must-have for at-home styling.

戴森造型器 The Dyson Airwrap™ Styler利用空气动力学现象“康达效应(Coanda effect)”轻松实现卷发,无须担心过热给秀发带来损伤。 这款超级奢华的造型器智能精巧,是居家造型的必备之选。

One of a Kind


Handmade in Australia, Dinosaur Designs’ Wildflower Offering Vase is a piece to cherish. Made from 100% resin, all castings and swirls are one of a kind bringing a sense of sentiment to every day.

Dinosaur Designs是澳大利亚手工餐具品牌,地球碗(Earth Bowl) 系列绝对不能错过。材质由100%树脂制成,餐具造型和手感独特,适合各种喜庆场合,平添几分欢愉之感。

Dinosaur Designs vase
Dinosaur Designs

For The Man of Style


Alexander McQueen sneaker
Alexander McQueen 运动鞋

Street Style


A fixture on the street style scene, these oversized Alexander McQueen kicks are coveted for their ability to add cool to any outfit. A fun take on the classic white, watch as this pair becomes a new style staple for the man in your life. 

Alexander McQueen超大版型运动鞋(Alexander McQueen kicks是街头时尚的必备单品,能够为任何穿搭增添酷感,备受青睐。在经典白色之上稍加点缀,此款运动鞋已悄然成为生活中男士新时尚的主打单品。

The Timeless Classic


A true mark of good taste, the right watch works from day to night. Blending Italian craftsmanship with smart style details, this 43mm Emporio Armani analogue watch makes for an unforgettable reminder of your love.

一块好表伴您日夜兼程,分秒必争,是高品味的真正标志。阿玛尼Emporio Armani Analogue腕表厚43毫米,融合了意大利工艺与时尚细节,让爱时刻相随。

Emporio Armani watch
Emporio Armani 腕表
Bally belt
Bally 皮带

Essential Accessories


Crafted in Italy, Bally’s signature B-Chain buckled striped belt is an instant outfit elevator. Pairing perfectly with casual suiting or chinos, wrapping up effortless style status has never been so easy.

巴利(Bally)的B-Chain扣环条纹腰带 产自意大利,大方优雅不失现代美感,彰显不俗品位。完美搭配休闲正装或便裤,轻松打造时尚形象。

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