Spring 2021 Proves Optimism Is Always In Style

From changemakers leading the charge to forward-thinking fashion, one thing is for certain in Spring 2021, the best is yet to come.

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Our time, and that just ahead of us, might be uncertain but the future of our dreams is as bright as ever. Suddenly, it’s a faraway time that feels safer and more knowable – and if assurance is what we’re looking for, we only need to look to our visions of a better world with Spring 2021.

To mark our move into the next season we looked to the next generation of future-thinkers to lead the way. Setting the tone is poet, filmmaker and educator of Wiradjuri heritage, Jazz Money, with her work ‘We Create Light’. A message of future optimism, the act of creating light fills every inch of the spring season. Whether you’re looking to expand your horizons or reinvent your own world, let this moment be a reminder that the future is in your hands.

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We Create Light

we are this hope growing in the greenness of a future bright

we are the transmission of a new yellow dawn

and the sun is warm upon our faces

we create light

and we move with understanding

we are the ones to inherit

and we will be the ones to rebuild

in the knowledge of all that must be respected

the revolution will be captured in 1080 pixels

the revolution will be reposted

we will be responsible

and we will know our responsibilities

we will honour those who came before us

and we will create a world safe for those who come next

the future is community it is joy it is all of us

the future is technicolour

the future is now

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Future Vision

JONES asks three tastemakers what the Spring 2021 theme means to them.

Emily Nolan

The creative director and founder of E Nolan is challenging the status quo with made-to-measure suiting that empowers women.


When I hear the phrase ‘into the future’ it feels long-lasting. I think the future is about refining and improving the moments of stillness while honouring chaos. We need to better embrace the fullness of our reality and not stifle the parts of ourselves that don’t fit the mould. It’s most important to feel seen, heard, held and celebrated. Getting dressed is an extremely intimate and creative dance. I wish to create more joy – designing with this in mind should be the only thing that matters. I am excited to throw on a tuxedo with sneakers and three-day-old hair for dinner and dancing with my best friends. I look forward to unapologetic love and honest cups of tea.

Chanel Contos

The sexual assault survivor and activist is petitioning for change to sex and consent education in Australian schools.


When I hear the phrase ‘into the future’ I think of radical change. And aliens. My vision for the future is one where it’s normalised to reflect on past actions, acknowledge wrongdoing and move forward differently – both as individuals and as a collective. I’m motivated by the self-reflection, self-awareness and social conscientiousness harboured by my generation. I think we collectively understand that our reality is one we make, and that the future can simply be made differently. I’m excited to see what my generation and younger do when we actually have power to fix inequalities, seeing as what we’ve done so far with none has been transformative.

Jazz Money

The poet, filmmaker and educator of Wiradjuri heritage is using her voice to share First Nations stories. Her work ‘We Create Light’ sets the tone for this season’s campaign.


Three words that describe the future: all of us. I am truly hopeful for the future. For an anti-hierarchical, anti-patriarchal, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, abolitionist, body-positive, love positive world with Indigenous rights and knowings at the centre of our society. I want to see a future where we talk about how we made the world a better place in the space of a generation. In the near future, the Australian government will sign a Treaty with every Indigenous nation on this continent. Then the real work can begin. I see us being led by our Elders with their wisdom. I see us learning from the younger generations and their clear-eyed drive for change. I think the cries for climate action will surely become too loud to ignore.

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