Lara Worthington on New Season Style and Being Back at Home

From staying grounded in the moment to the style lessons she’s learned, we sat down with Australia’s original it-girl while she was in town for the David Jones Gala Runway.

Front row at the David Jones Gala Runway

Lara Worthington needs no introduction. A model, beauty entrepreneur and now, mother of three, she’s swapped her life in the spotlight for an existence that’s decidedly more private. But that’s not to say she’s not busy; back home after putting roots down in L.A., Lara’s balancing life, family and business the way women do best.

“I am happy to be in a place where I can look back, laugh and be grateful to have learned a few lessons.”

Lara Worthington on her relationship with fashion

While lessons may be abundant, her evolution has been one of seemingly natural ease; a soothing sense of self-assurance guiding her to a place of family and focus. A transformation that’s all-encompassing, her beauty brand Share The Base has evolved too, becoming a fully-fledged not-for-profit enterprise with 100 percent of its proceeds donated to three carefully selected Australian partners.

It’s this heart and soul that has shone through all these years, cementing her icon status with a signature Australian authenticity. Synonymous with our homegrown style, there’s nothing quite like seeing the gentle force that is Lara Worthington back in the David Jones front row.

Dress by Dion Lee

As someone who’s been on countless red carpets, how has your relationship with fashion changed over the years? I am in a place now where I trust the opinions around me and that helps a lot. A quick Google search will tell you I’ve had my fair share of mishaps but I am happy to be in a place where I can look back, laugh and be grateful to have learned a few lessons.

We were so excited to have you join us at our Gala Runway. What was a highlight from the show? I was thrilled to be invited – thank you! Certainly, the progression in diversity stood out. Seeing the beautiful Victoria Lee star in the show and also some of the young and new girls were exciting to watch. Of course, The Inspired Unemployed boys were a highlight. I also loved seeing the breadth of brands on the same runway from Valentino and Saint Laurent all the way through to Dion Lee and Bassike.

Talking beauty, how do you prepare your skin for the front row? The morning of the show I had a beautiful sauna treatment in Sydney. Before leaving for the event, I took an extra dose of Glow by The Beauty Chef. Also knew I would be having a late dinner, so I made sure to eat well at lunch.


“Comfort, layers, adaptability.”

Lara Worthing on her Autumn style mantra

David Jones’ theme of the season is “In The Moment”, balancing as much as you do, what do you do to ground yourself in the present? My three sons under six years old – nothing is more grounding than their honesty and feedback! They always keep me in the moment.

It’s always great to see you back Down Under, what’s brings you the most joy when you’re home? Of course, the ocean. Nature is a pure blessing we have in this country that I will never, ever tire of and always wholeheartedly appreciate.

What’s something you’re looking forward to? Definitely not alone in saying travel. Even the quick trip down to Melbourne (from Sydney) was such a treat. I look forward to when regular travel is more like how it used to be.

Words by Hilary Bourke