Label to Know: The Frankie Shop with Gaelle Drevet

To mark the arrival of The Frankie Shop at David Jones, we sat down with Gaelle Drevet, the ultra-chic woman behind Instagram’s most buzzed-about brand.

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On-trend, minimalist and effortlessly cool, The Frankie Shop serves up the kind of curated wardrobe we all aspire to. A blend of French chic and American sensibility, it’s no surprise that the brand’s unfussy staples are coveted worldwide. Founded by French journalist turned fashion entrepreneur Gaelle Drevet, The Frankie Shop is rooted in the label’s ability to create chic seasonal staples without the hard-to-find hassle.

To celebrate the arrival of The Frankie Shop’s latest collection, we sat down with Gaelle to get to know the brand and soak up her style wisdom.

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What inspired you to create The Frankie Shop?
I had yet to find a retailer with the options and type of curation I was looking for – an assortment for the modern woman that was minimal and chic but also affordable – so I decided to create this myself.

“Wearable, versatile, and elevated.”

Founder Gaelle Drevet on The Frankie Shop in 3 words

What does The Frankie Shop represent?
I would say The Frankie Shop represents someone who is modern and chic, but effortless in the way they approach style. They do not adhere to many trends or fleeting moments in fashion but remain timeless and confident. They gravitate towards styles that are very wearable to accommodate an evolving lifestyle but are also not afraid to make a statement.

What makes a wardrobe staple?
Versatility and wearability are key to any wardrobe staple. These are the items that you will own and wear for a long time, that you can dress up or down for a variety of occasions, and that you can pair with almost anything in your closet.

“The Frankie Shop is the ultimate high-low combo. Whether it be tomboy or chic – dressed up or down, the curation is for the everyday woman and for her every outfit needs. Day-to-day, day-to-night and at affordable prices.”

Womenswear Buyer, Shannon Pilling on reasons to love new brand, The Frankie Shop.

There’s a significant menswear influence in the collection, do you have any styling advice for those unsure how to incorporate masculine styles into their wardrobe?
We are less about adhering to more masculine or feminine influence, and more about rethinking classic pieces and shapes. A lot of classic staples, like the white button-down for example, or an oversized blazer, are inherently menswear-inspired, but we think of ways we can reinvent these pieces for the modern man or woman. In terms of styling, it’s good to wonder how you can differentiate this look in a way that is true to your own personal style.

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