Silver or Gold Jewellery: Which One Should You Choose?

From gold to silver, or a mix of the two, discover how to find your perfect jewellery match.

When it comes to styling our accessories and choosing jewellery, there’s plenty of confusion around which metal to choose. Should you look for gold or silver? Can you mix and match the two, or can you only wear one?

Many of us may have heard the misconception that you can only wear gold or silver depending on your skin’s undertones, and different metals should never be mixed. While it is true that your skin’s undertones play a part in finding the perfect metal match, it’s not a hard rule. Undertones should be viewed as a guide to help you find what makes you feel your best. 

How to choose metals that complement your undertone

Invest in a gold-plated bracelet, like this Logo Mobile Bracelet from Aje

When we speak about undertones, we are referring to a subtle natural shade below your skin’s surface. There are three types of undertones your skin can have: warm, cool, and neutral.  While it’s true that external factors can change your skin tone, the undertones will always stay the same.

Generally, yellow gold and rose gold complement warmer skin undertones. For cooler skin undertones, silver and white gold pair very well. You can find out your skin’s undertone with this useful guide from Masterclass. Or, why not book a complimentary one-on-one styling appointment in one of our luxury suites? Discover your perfect jewellery match, plus so much more, with our in-house style specialist.

How do I know whether to gift someone gold or silver jewellery?

Jewellery as a gift can be a little tricky. Whether you’re looking for a gift that says congratulations or just looking for a gift according to their Zodiac, how do you know if they prefer gold or silver jewellery?

The best place to start is to check to see what colour they usually wear. Are they someone who always wears their favourite gold earrings? Perhaps they wear a silver necklace every day to work? Try to understand what they usually wear, and use that as a guide. We suggest giving them a luxury jewellery case to house their collection if all else fails. It’s a sneaky way to get an insight into their metal preferences, gold, silver, or both, so you can be prepared next time.

How to mix and match gold and silver jewellery

The ultimate layering piece, the Double Strand Logo Necklace from Aje

Another myth with styling is that gold and silver should never be mixed. On the contrary, mixing and matching your accessories is part of the fun. Here are some simple tips to make the most of your jewellery collection:

  1. Layering is your friend: when combining metals, layer the pieces close to each other for maximum impact. For example, stack multiple necklaces on top of each other or multiple rings on your fingers. To avoid tangling, use a single necklace with multiple chains like the Pearlite Necklace from Barcs
  2. Try to strike a balance: It can look jarring if you layer multiple silver pieces and one gold piece. We suggest trying to aim for a 50/50 of gold and silver jewellery. 
  3. Consider the tone of each piece: Different jewellery pieces communicate a different tone. For example, delicate pieces look best when paired with other fine jewellery pieces. When it comes to bold, statement pieces, like this Agenda Necklace, you might find it doesn’t need any extra jewellery to help it stand out. Let the tone of your jewellery lead your styling choices. 

Invest in a mixed-metal piece: can’t figure out how to mix your jewellery? You need a ready-made mixed piece. A mixed-metal necklace can work as a “bridging piece” between gold and silver, making the combination a little more cohesive, just like this mixed-metal set of rings from Alighieri.

The best gold jewellery for your collection

Saint Valentine’s Sienna Hoops match perfectly with a delicate gold chain

Go for gold with these unapologetically bold pieces. Saint Valentine’s Sienna Hoops are your go-to for a chic staple piece. You can complete your look with a simple chain, like the Double Strand Logo Necklace from AJE. Also, why not add the Logo Mobile Bracelet to your collection for a modern yet minimal stack. These pieces can be worn with anything, anywhere, from the office to a formal dinner and more. 

We suggest looking to bold gold jewellery for formal events, special occasions, or just when you want to make a  bit of a statement. Look no further than the Sun Dance Hoops from Kirstin Ash for a gold set with a gemstone twist. Imbued with hues of the sun, the Sun Dance Hoops feature a trio of warm-toned ochre-coloured crystals. Wear these bold pieces alongside the Sun Dance Necklace to complete the look. This set also makes the perfect gift for a Taurus, which you can learn more about with our Zodiac Gifting Guide.


Sun Dance Hoop Earrings

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Mobile Bracelet

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Sienna Hoops

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Double Strand Necklace

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The best silver jewellery for your collection

The perfect silver hoop, the Senatta Hoops from Ted Baker

From being a subtle accent to being a showstopper, silver jewellery can do it all. The Senatta Hoops from Ted Baker has just enough bling to add a little subtle sparkle to your look without overdoing it. These stunning hoops match every outfit, from desk to dinner and more. 

As a winning set for weekend adventures, look to the Shard Double Disk Earring and Shard Disk Necklace from Najo. Inspired by the soft organic shapes of river pebbles, these matching pieces feature two linked pebbles with beaten surfaces that work to diffuse the light. We love pairing this winning combo with flowing silhouettes and resort-inspired hues to complement and match the effortlessness of these pieces. 

If the occasion calls for romance, fall in love with the Ribbon Pearl Drop Stud from Aje. The pearl drop detail on these delicate earrings will elevate any date-night attire or formal dress code. Keep it simple by pairing these earrings with a delicate bracelet, like the Ribbon Pearl Drop Bracelet, for a classic yet sophisticated accent. 


Senatta Hoop Earring

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Shard Disk Necklace

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