This Witchery White Shirt Can Help Ovarian Cancer Research

Designer Toni Maticevski and comedian Celeste Barber want you to get dressed for good as part of this year’s Witchery White Shirt Campaign.

celeste barber in the 2021 witchery white shirt by toni maticevski
Comedian Celeste Barber in this year’s White Shirt, designed by Toni Maticevski. Celeste wears WITCHERY OCRF White Shirt, WITCHERY Callie Mom Jeans.

For the first time in the 13-year history of the annual White Shirt Campaign, retail powerhouse Witchery and the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) have collaborated with an Australian fashion designer on the 2021 Witchery White Shirt style. 

Melbourne designer Toni Maticevski of the beloved namesake label brought this year’s creation to life. Thanks to his contribution, this year’s design feature his signature flair for tailoring and shapes.

Over the past decade, via the OCRF, the brand has raised over $13.8 million through the White Shirt campaign. Witchery is the single largest funder of ovarian cancer early detection research in Australia. 

celeste barber in the 2021 witchery white shirt by toni maticevski

celeste barber in the 2021 witchery white shirt by toni maticevski
Celeste wears WITCHERY OCRF White Shirt, WITCHERY Callie Mom Jeans, WITCHERY Ivy Suede Pump.

This year’s White Shirt is an opportunity to invest in Maticevski’s craftsmanship and to aid vital research of ovarian cancer. Ovarian Cancer is now considered the most lethal gynecological cancer there is. Comedian Celeste Barber is also helping shed light on the cause, appearing in this year’s campaign clip below.

Research into early detection is crucial as ovarian cancer is a disease that’s currently only detectable with invasive surgery. Early stages have little to no recognisable symptoms. This is why most women are only diagnosed in the advanced stages of the disease. One woman dies every eight hours from ovarian cancer in Australia.

Celeste Barber has thrown her support behind the 2021 Witchery OCRF White Shirt Campaign

Witchery is committed to pledging funds to develop an early detection test for ovarian cancer that is as readily available and as accessible as, say, a pap smear or mammogram. 

“It’s a real honour to be able to contribute in my own way to this year’s Campaign,” says Maticevski. “I am surrounded by many beautiful women in my life who provide me with support, strength and protection. In turn, I hope that the shirt I have designed can offer the same to those who are drawn to it.”

This year’s design as seen here on comedian Celeste Barber sees crisp shoulder detailing paired with a ribbon effect from the neck down to the sleeve cuff. The shirt tapers off on the waist and hips for an extra-flattering cut.

celeste barber 2021 witchery white shirt toni maticevski
Celeste wears a white shirt from WITCHERY, WITCHERY Patent Leather Skirt, WITCHERY Kristen Leather Heel
WITCHERY Double Breasted Blazer, WITCHERY Nara Suede Belt, WITCHERY Stirrup Legging, WITCHERY Ivy Suede Pump

The Witchery White Shirt Design

“Whilst the shirt will bear the Maticevski and Witchery logo, it is a dedication to the countless nameless women who have fallen victim and fight this horrible disease,” Maticevski said.

The 2021 Witchery OCRF White Shirt is available to shop now via David Jones. 100% of gross proceeds are donated to the OCRF.