We Wear Australian: Supporting the Australian Fashion Industry

We’re joining forces with our Friends of David Jones and Australian Designer family to unite as an industry to support and amplify the #WeWearAustralian initiative.

Eleanor Pendleton wears Bianca Spender trench

As the home of Australian fashion, David Jones has always been here to support our local talent. Today, we’re proud to join Showroom-X with an Australian designer campaign that’s close to our hearts. Established in 2020, #WeWearAustralian was created to unite and bolster the Australian fashion industry during COVID-19. With ongoing lockdowns impacting global production schedules and local manufacturing, along with the livelihoods of makers, designers and more, now more than ever, supporting Australian matters.

Nicole Warne wears Camilla And Marc top and skirt

Esse dress

“We launched The Home of Australian Fashion platform in August 2020 to shine a spotlight on our home grown designers and encourage consumers to think local, so for 2021 it was fitting to continue this support by joining the industry-wide initiative of We Wear Australian, continue the conversation and celebrate the local industry.”

David Jones General Manager of Womenswear, Footwear and Accessories, Bridget Veals on the partnership

Cameron Stephens wears Acler dress (coming soon)
Victoria Lee wears Alemais dress (coming soon)
Jac + Jack tank and pant

An initiative born from the need to create a sense of commitment to our local fashion community, #WeWearAustralian unites the industry while uplifting Australian’s in need through their partnership with Thread Together. An organisation that works to restore dignity and hope for every Australian, Thread Together exists to drive meaningful social, environmental and community change by rescuing clothes destined for landfills and redirecting them to those in need.

David Jones is proud to support Thread Together on an ongoing basis and will be making a further donation on behalf of each participating brand as part of their commitment to the #WeWearAustralian initiative.

Nathan McGuire wears Academy Brand jacket

Academy Brand shirt and pant
Adam Goodes wears Calibre shirt, tee and pant

Out of adversity often comes great strength, and the Australian fashion industry is creative and resilient. We are grateful to David Jones for their collaborative spirit in joining us to drive this year’s initiative. This is our dedication to the industry.”

Showroom-X CEO and Co-Founder, Richard Poulson

Tom Derickx wears Deus Ex Machina (coming soon)
Bassike (coming soon)

From finding togetherness in distance to creativity in the everyday, the last 18 months have highlighted our collective resilience. In the same spirit, renowned fashion portrait photographer, Georges Antoni, took a creative lens to the reality of right now, shooting the sophomore #WeWearAustralian campaign via iPhone on FaceTime. Centring on the idea of “Together Apart”, the virtual shoot captures the collaboration with Friends of David Jones including Victoria Lee, Tom Derickx, Hayden Quinn, Adam Goodes, Eleanor Pendleton, Nicole Warne, Cameron Stephens, Bree McCann and Nathan McGuire.

Bree McCann wears Viktoria & Woods shirt and pant

Acler dress
Eleanor Pendleton wears Bianca Spender trench

Captured in their homes and surroundings, there’s a certain sense of joy that shines through too; the kind of feel-good optimism that fashion will forever bring.

Looking for the perfect pick-me-up? Acler has got you covered with silhouettes that promise to take up space. A master of undone elegance, let Bianca Spender elevate your everyday with her take on wardrobe favourites to love beyond the season. As seen on Nicole Warne, Camilla And Marc offer up smile-inducing shades, while Esse proves you don’t need a special occasion for that dress that just lights you up.

Hayden Quinn wears Assembly Label shirt and short
Assembly Label shirt

From established names like Bassike, Jac + Jack and Calibre, to the next generation of homegrown labels (think Alemais, Anna Quan, Joslin, Assembly, Dues Ex Machina, Thrills and Academy), #WeWearAustralian has never felt more in sync with the lightness we’re craving.