What is Pitera™? Upgrade Your Skincare With the Powerful SK-II Essence

Discover how SK-II takes Japanese skincare traditions to the forefront of innovation with one ingredient: Pitera™.

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SK-II is a skincare icon in Japan and across the world, but the brand was born from humble beginnings with the discovery of Pitera™.

In the 1970s, SK-II’s scientists observed the soft, smooth hands of sake brewers and turned their attention to the age-defying properties of the fermented sake mash. After years of research and studying more than 350 species of yeast, the brand’s breakthrough ingredient, Pitera™, and famous Facial Treatment Essence were born. 

Keep reading to discover the original SK-II essence and how to use SK-II , plus shop SK-II at David Jones. 

What is Pitera™? And does Pitera™ really work?

Pitera™ is derived from fermented yeast. The trademarked ingredient holds more than 50 micronutrients to transform skin’s clarity, texture and firmness – and powers every one of SK-II’s formulas for next-level results.

How to use SK-II: A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Reset skin with a Pitera™-infused cleanser

For dry, sensitive and mature skin, SK-II’s Facial Treatment Cleanser is the best place to start your skincare routine. The cleanser concentrates Pitera™ and the SK-II essence into a creamy texture that lathers to lift makeup, excess oil and pollution from skin, and leaves skin hydrated for 30 minutes after cleansing. So your skin is perfectly prepped for an essence and won’t feel tight or irritated.

Step 2: Brighten, smooth and plump with SK-II’s Pitera™essence

Essences are a staple of Korean and Japanese skin care. They’re lightweight, hydrating formulas designed to hydrate and balance skin after cleansing and prep for serum. But, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence does so much more.

The brand’s bestseller is formulated with 90% Pitera™ to gently exfoliate and rejuvenate – reducing the appearances of age spots, wrinkles and skin texture, and amplifying firmness and radiance.

Or for a brightening boost, reach for SK-II’s GenOptics Aura Essence. The essence’s signature Pitera™ is also infused with De-Melano P3C to reduce the appearance of dark spots, and prunus extract to prevent and brighten a dull skin tone. 

To use an essence, shake a few drops into hands and press onto skin after cleansing and before serum.

Step 3: Treat your skin to SK-II’s mask

To give skin a hydrating boost, SK-II’s Facial Treatment Mask is soaked in Pitera™. The refreshing sheet mask leaves skin plump and luminous in just 15 minutes – making it the perfect skin prep for big events or a midweek self-care pick-me-up. 

Step 4: Awaken eyes with a targeted eye cream

The skin around the eyes is incredibly delicate. It’s where the first signs of ageing, late nights and early morning show on our features. To help treat and prevent tired-looking eyes and fine lines, tap SK-II’s firming eye cream around the eyes. The formula harnesses Pitera™ and InfinitPower Technology, which features calla lily extract, dokudami extract and peony extract, to visibly plump and create wide-awake eyes. 

Step 5: Finish with a hydrating moisturiser

Lock in your skincare with SK-II’s Skinpower Cream. The velvety moisturiser melts into skin to hydrate its surface, and supports skin health deeper down with InfinitPower Technology for bouncy, radiant skin from within.

Ready to try SK-II skincare? Put Pitera™ to the test

Experience the visible results for yourself with SK-II’s Pitera™ Power Kit. A mini trio of the cleanser, essence and moisturiser, the kit is the perfect way to add the brand’s most beloved formulas to your routine.

SK-II Pitera Power Kit