Skinnovation: Discover These Skincare Cocktailing Secrets

Say hello to your best skin ever with the ingredients that partner together to make the perfect match.

Defined as ‘mixing and matching ingredients’, skincare cocktailing is all about knowing your products and playing to their strengths. From pigmentation fighters to brightness in a bottle, we’ve broken down our guide to the combinations guaranteed to maximise your routine, whatever you’re searching for.

Skincare Cocktail: Retinol + Niacinamide

Partnering together to combat fine lines, pigmentation and discolouration; Retinol works to fight the signs of ageing whilst Niacinamide gently calms and balances its intensity.

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Combing the power of Pro Vitamin B5 (Pathenol) and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) with Hyaluronic Acid, this oil-free serum formula works to restore the skins moisture balance. Creating a perfectly supple and dewy glow, consider Ultraceuticals Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum your key to boosting tired, stressed or dehydrated skin.



For a high-performance night oil that targets premature signs of ageing as well as breakouts, Dermalogica’s Retinol Clearing Oil is an essential step. Formulated with Salicylic Acid (a breakout-clearing superstar), time-released Retinol works to turn back the clock with Argan, Rosehip Seed and Golden Jojoba oils balance the skins nourishment.

Skincare Cocktail: Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C

Double up to give dull skin a healthy hit of hydration and brightness with a layered approach. As Hyaluronic Acid works to draw in moisture from the skins top layers, Vitamin C boosts and brightens with powerful natural antioxidants.

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Elizabeth Arden

Hyaluronic Acid

Formulated with maximum potency and encapsulated for purity, Elizabeth Arden’s Hyaluronic Ceramide Capsules work to reclaim skin’s youthful bounce. Powered by moisture sealing Double-Lock Hydration, the silky and lightweight serum draws in moisture while skin-strengthening ceramides lock it in. Bonus points for biodegradable capsules.

Lancôme Génefique

Hyaluronic Acid

Developed after 20 years of advanced research, Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique had been updated with a new complex of 7 pre and probiotic fractions to act on the skin microbiome. These fractions work to help strengthen your skin’s barrier, improving texture, radiance, elasticity, and firmness.


Vitamin C

Faced with environmental triggers every day, your skin needs every chance it can get to defend itself. Antioxidants like Vitamin C can help the skin combat these stressors thanks to their neutralising powers. With a goal of giving you brighter skin, Dermalogica’s Biolumin-C Serum combines an ultra-stable (read: highly effective) Vitamin C complex with advanced bio-technology to deliver the natural power of Vitamin C where it’s needed most.

Liberty Belle

Vitamin C

Luxurious in every sense, Liberty Belle Rx’s Brightstar Brightening Cream contains a Patented Brightening Complex and Vitamin C. Formulated to improve the complexion of pigmented skin, the active ingredients in this formula work together to reveal radiant and even skin while fighting the free radicals that lead to premature ageing.

Skincare Cocktail: Ingestibles and SPF

Protect against premature signs of ageing inside and out with a dose of antioxidants before your sun-care. Antioxidants work to neutralise the free radical damage caused by exposure to the sun, whilst a powerful SPF fights to protect from the degradation of collagen and hyperpigmentation.

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Made in Australia, meet the daily greens supplement Elle Macpherson doesn’t go a day without. A combination of 40+ naturally derived ingredients, Welleco’s Super Elixir Greens helps to support overall gut health, provides immune support, enhances energy while helping support the appearance of healthy skin and stronger hair and nails. Consider it the ultimate optimisation.

Vida Glow


As production slows in our mid-twenties, replenishing collagen levels is an essential practice in any good beauty regimen. Powered by natural marine collagen, Vida Glow’s Original Marine Collagen Sachets stimulate new collagen production, increasing the skin’s firmness and elasticity while smoothing fine lines.

Grown Alchemist


Invisible, lightweight, and vegan, Grown Alchemist’s Natural Hydrating Sunscreen deserves a place in your daily beauty regimen. Blending effortlessly to the skin and formulated with an innovative ultra-sheer natural Zinc Oxide, this broad-spectrum sunscreen will protect your skin from damaging UVA/B rays and environmental aggressors without compromising hydration.

The Beauty Chef


The original beauty elixir, The Beauty Chef’s Inner Beauty Boost has a cult reputation for a reason. Formulated with nourishing ingredients like apple cider vinegar and pomegranate fruit peel extract, this delicious concentrate also contains selenium and vitamin C to help to combat oxidative stress and damage from environmental stressors. Think of it as your key to lit from within.

Ella Baché


Fast absorbing and lightweight, Ella Baché’s Great Facesaver SPF50+ is the sun care protection that will effortlessly integrate into your routine. Rich in antioxidants and free of parabens, it works to keep the skin hydrated, nourished and protected in one easy application.

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