Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day with the 6 Best Adult Toys

From premium devices to intimate products, we’re celebrating sexual wellness this Valentine’s Day with our pick of the best adult toys and products.

Psst. Had no idea that David Jones stocked sexual wellness products? To mark the launch of Sexual Wellness at David Jones, we spoke to the brands reframing sex, intimacy, and personal pleasure to discover how we can connect with our bodies better. If you haven’t read this article, then it’s you’re lucky day. You can read the full interview here: It’s Time to Discover What Sexual Wellness Means to You.


The Best Sexual Wellness Adult Toys At David Jones

Whether playing alone or with company, these products will spice up your bedroom and add a little extra indulgence to every occasion.

Bend, adjust, and position the Double Entendre in Melon by Frenchie to your heart’s content.

The best all-rounder vibrator: The Double Entendre

The Double Entendre in Melon by Frenchie is one device sure to butter your baguette. USB-powered, this internal and external vibrator is as flexible as your needs. Designed to be shared or enjoyed solo, this device is malleable and bendable, so you can enjoy it internally, externally, or both simultaneously. With two powerful motors, four speeds, and six vibration modes, this unique adult toy offers double the pleasure for everyone. 

 The best internal g-spot vibrator: VUSH X ABBIE

The VUSH X ABBIE is bold, powerful, and a whole lot of fun, just like its namesake, Abbie Chatfield. Taking inspo from Abbie’s sexual wellness journey, VUSH has created a powerful, whisper-quiet internal g-spot vibrator that is all about claiming your power. So, it’s time to celebrate your pleasure and give your story the happy ending it deserves with 25 mix-and-match settings. Additionally, as an added bonus, this device is safe to be used in the shower or bubble bath and features a unique texture, designed to hit all the right spots. 

Abbie Chatfield’s VUSH X ABBIE invites you to celebrate pleasure.

The Tulum Vibrator from Vacation Vibes mimics oral sex with a luxury flair.

The best external vibrator: The Tulum Vibrator

Lose yourself in a haze of bliss with The Tulum Vibrator from Vacation Vibes. This delightful waterproof external oral stimulating vibrator toy has been crafted from medical-grade silicone, offering a full-body, soul-changing experience. Paradise will be on the tip of your tongue with this discrete yet chic adult toy that mimics oral sex plus other exciting sensations with a whisper-quiet buzz.

The best air vibrator: The Quinn

One of our bestsellers and anything but “normal”, the Quinn by NORMAL is a must-have for clitoral air vibrators. This cheeky device uses air pressure pulses to mimic oral sex and stimulate the clitoris. Choose your own adventure with this whisper-quiet tool, and combine air pulses and vibrations if the occasion calls for it. This handy device comes with a complimentary reversible collection bag from NORMAL: so whether you’re feeling low-key or want to shout about your new normal from the rooftops, your collection will always be stored in style.

Quinn by NORMAL is a must-have for clitoral air vibrators

FIGR Fluid Mini from FIGR is fragrance-free and vegan-friendly.

The best personal lubricant: FIGR Fluid Mini

The FIGR Fluid Mini from FIGR is a mighty mini water-based personal lubricant that’s latex-friendly, silicone-toy safe, fragrance-free, and, best of all, vegan. Formulated with Native Australian Extracts and other ingredients, this formulation mimics naturally occurring lubrication to improve every experience. 

The best fragrance-free, vegan-friendly condoms: The Beret Condom

Searching for condoms that are simple, safe, and good for the planet? Frenchie says “oui, oui!”. Introducing; The Beret Condom 0.05mm. These luxe condoms are housed in an easy-open buttercup enclosure so you can open them the right way up every time. Also, these condoms are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and created without synthetic ingredients. The ultra-thin 0.05mm design of the Frenchie Beret Condoms lets you get up close and personal while protecting everyone involved.

Frenchie’s The Beret Condom 0.05mm is fragrance-free, vegan-friendly, and simple to use.