The mindfully made beauty brands that belong on your top shelf

Mindful of how they’re sourced, tested and disposed of, meet the brands and products setting a responsible new standard of beauty.

It-girl Mimi Elashiry on why mindful products are the way of the future

Reduce, reuse, regenerate. Beauty of the future is made for conscious consumers like Mimi Elashiry. A movement that has picked up speed in recent years, mindfully made beauty and more specifically, conscious beauty consumption, marks a sizeable shift in the industry. Defined as beauty that considers its impact on human, animal and environmental welfare, brands like Emma Lewisham and Retrouvé are pioneering the space with their use of clean, cruelty-free ingredients and innovative solutions to packaging. On the home front, David Jones is tackling beauty’s recycling challenge head-on with the launch of BeautyCycle, a sustainable way to recycle your beauty packaging instore. As Mimi puts it, mindful products are the way of the future.

“The future of beauty is about recycling, re-using & re-purposing”

Mimi Elashiry


Whether you’re looking for your next must-have or beginning your mindfully made beauty journey, decoding what’s out there can be tricky. From the efficacious and au naturel to responsibly sourced staples, we’ve rounded up the best-in-class products redefining our routines.

Emma Lewisham

Somewhat of a cult name in the clean beauty space, New Zealand brand Emma Lewisham sky-rocketed into our collective beauty consciousness with her natural, high-performance products. Proving that scientifically backed and clean skincare can co-exist, her products are powered by green technology and years of research and innovation. A favourite amongst influencers, the brand’s Supernatural Face Oil is praised as a youth-restoring booster, containing 20 age-defying natural actives. What’s better yet, all products are refillable through the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle Partnership.

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Certified Cruelty-Free, Retrouvé is calling us to simplify our skincare routines. With each of their products containing a synergistic blend of ingredients, key concerns like hydration, desiccation, smoothness and fine lines are combatted by high effective, concentrated and multi-purpose formulations over a plethora of products. Referred to as the brands pièce de resistance, Retrouvé’s Classique Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturiser is no exception. Packed with a powerful proprietary blend of lush and effective vitamin-based and revitalizing ingredients, this moisturiser locks moisture in, helping to fortify the skins natural hydration. Hello, radiance.

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Vida Glow

If you’re not already committed to an ingestible beauty routine then consider this a sign. Made in Australia and cruelty-free, Vida Glow is a rising star in the collagen game. Formulated with marine collagen from responsibly sourced opener-water farms in Europe, Vida Glow’s collagen is derived from fish skin, a by-product of the food industry. Their Anti-G-Ox Berry takes the benefits further with a potent formula designed to defend the skin against three root causes of premature ageing at a cellular level. Think brightness and enhanced skin regeneration.

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Grown Alchemist

A homegrown favourite, Grown Alchemist represents the next generation of skincare. Built on the understanding of cellular renewal and nutrient metabolism, their scientifically innovative formulas are not only ground-breaking but Australian made and independently certified free of harmful toxins. Their signature Repair Hand Cream is a total handbag hero, working to smooth fine lines and wrinkles while correcting signs of sun damage. With 100% recyclable packaging consider it a little luxury you can feel good about.

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“I’m so glad that there are brands out there, that are focusing on recycling, re-using & re-purposing.”

Mimi Elashiry

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