Introducing: SK-II SKINPOWER

The brand’s latest launch delivers an energised glow.

SK-II new SKINPOWER supercharges skin for a youthful and healthy-looking glow.

For the uninitiated, Japanese brand SK-II might seem abuzz with beauty-speak. But for those in the know, labels that read PITERA™ and InfinitPower Technology are deserving of prime shelf space. There’s a reason the cult Facial Treatment Essence (dubbed ‘miracle water’ by many) is a consistent bestseller and Beauty Award finalist. And that comes down to the brand’s commitment to innovation. 

The brand’s story began with a chance observation, as scientists noticed that sake brewers hands were extraordinarily youthful opposed to their weathered faces. This led to an intensive search, studying yeast strains and fermentation conditions. Ultimately, this research unveiled the iconic formula for PITERA™. The efficacy and power of this natural ingredient was then bottled, becoming a revered beauty essential for 40 years and counting.

“SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is the one skincare product every woman needs.”

Eleanor Pendleton, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Gritty Pretty

Cut to today, SK-II SKINPOWER – the brand’s latest launch – takes inspiration from our skin cells’ ability to regenerate, supercharging skin from within. Research shows that the appearance of our skin fluctuates from youthful, glowing and full of energy to dull, tired and in need of a boost, spanning up to nine years of ageing in a single day. This is thanks to daily stressors, such as UV, pollution, temperature and lack of sleep. That’s where the potential of PITERA™ and InfinitPower Technology comes into play, changing the game for glowing skin.

InfinitPower Technology (which the SKINPOWER line relies on to deliver energised, bouncy and glowing skin all day long) owes its ability to three ingredients: Calla Lily, Dokudami and Peony. This exclusive cocktail of plant extracts targets multiple layers of skin, offering hydration and elasticity where it’s needed most and keeping skin powered throughout the day.




Rich and velvety, this cream offers much-needed hydration for drier skin types. It’s also perfect for cooler climates that require an additional dose of moisture. Use it night and day in combination with the essence and eye cream for full effect.

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SKINPOWER Airy Milky Lotion

Lightweight in texture, this lotion melts effortlessly into skin. It’s the perfect choice for warmer climes and oilier skin types, and can be used night and day. 

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SK-II SKINPOWER Airy Milky Lotion

The SK-II SKINPOWER collection will supercharge your skincare routine with its powerful Cream, Essence and Eye Cream formulas.
SK-II Essence


A dewy serum texture, the essence delivers a concentrated dose of the aforementioned hero ingredients. Layer it as part of your daily routine to combat external stressors.

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Designed specifically for delicate skin around the eye, this nourishing-yet-lightweight cream promises to firm and brighten. It’s the perfect primer for make-up, offering hydration that smooths and tightens skin.

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SK-II Eye Cream