It’s Time to Discover What Sexual Wellness Means to You

To mark the launch of Sexual Wellness at David Jones, meet the brands reframing sex, intimacy and personal pleasure.

Like many topics once deemed taboo, the conversation around Sexual Wellness is evolving. Unlike the dated ideas of pleasure that came before it, Sexual Wellness shifts the focus to the personal, encouraging us to claim space for our pleasure and educate ourselves on the impact our sexual well being has on our overall sense of self. Described by Certified Australian Sex Coach, Georgia Grace as a broad term that “refers to an individuals overall sexual health and well being,” Sexual Wellness not only encompasses the physical but the mental, emotional, relational and/or erotic landscapes too. “Sexual Wellness is all-encompassing of our relationships – with our own bodies and others, how we feel in expressing ourselves and how connected we are to our wants, needs or desires. It’s also important to remember that my definition of sexual wellness will be different to the next person” says Grace.

“We’re in a sexual revolution and it’s an exciting time for the space; we are speaking about sex now more than ever before, and as a result we’re acknowledging Sexual Wellness as a vital part of feeling human.”

Certified Australian Sex Coach, Georgia Grace on Sexual Wellness

In a quest to better understand and connect with our own bodies better, Sexual Wellness empowers us in the ways we experience intimacy in our daily lives, and in turn, helps evolve the culture that surrounds pleasure. “Speaking openly about sex and pleasure has the capacity to not only inform the individual but to transform society,” says Grace, “Shame-free, sex-positive education is essential – we need to hear from a range of voices to speak to the vast range of human experiences. We also need to make these conversations a normal part of the day to day, not a taboo topic you engage with every once in a while.” So, where does that leave our pleasure? Fortunately, in very capable hands. As the conversation has evolved, so to have the brands that occupy the Sexual Wellness space. Think chic, design-orientated essentials that include everything from premium devices to intimate skincare. With an array of female-founded brands leading the charge, get to know the names redefining Sexual Wellness for the modern age.

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Lucy and Georgia of NORMAL, NORMAL product
Lucy Wark and Georgia Grace of NORMAL | The Darcy Device


Sydney based start-up founder Lucy spent a decade dreaming of a trusted guide that would make exploring sexuality easier. When no one showed up, NORMAL was born. Rooted in the idea that talking about our Sexual Wellness should be easy, fun and informative, NORMAL offers up a stress and stigma-free approach to our most intimate journeys. Working with Certified Sex Coach, Georgia Grace, NORMAL takes things further with its commitment to pleasure education that centres on what makes us unique. Designed to be friendly, straightforward and chic, NORMAL marries style with substance through their sustainability initiatives. What’s more, the brand also contributes to a donation to Minus18, an Australian charity that supports the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ youth with donations going towards providing youth people with resources on sexuality and gender identity.




Defined as a brand that wants you to “love loving yourself; whoever you are, wherever you come from and whoever you love,” VUSH is carving out a feel-good space for those wanting to begin their Sexual Wellness journey. Created for anyone who has been taught not to prioritise pleasure, VUSH’s range focuses on empowering, inclusive, aesthetically beautiful and high-quality products that are ultimately fun to use. Bringing the vision to life is an incredible team known as the ‘VUSH babes’ with the common goal of helping you love yourself. From exploring new gender-neutral tech to listening to feedback to ensure its range suits everybody’s body, VUSH proves that there’s no shame in the self-love game.

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Taking a leaf from the book of the greatest lovers in history is Frenchie. Founded in Australia, but boasting the quintessentially French je ne sais quoi, Frenchie represents a new generation of lovers that believe pleasure should be fun, natural, simple and safe for everyone. Committed to the joy of connection and self-love, Frenchie is at the forefront of Sexual Wellness with its cutting-edge and super safe product offering.

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Tania Boler - Elvie Founder
Tania Boler of Elvie


Founded by Tania Boler, an internationally recognised women’s health expert, the Elvie Trainer has a cult reputation in the wellness space for a reason. As an expert with over 15 years of experience, Tania’s mission has always been to create world-class technology that addresses intimate and often neglected, issues faced by women throughout their lives. With one in every three women experiencing pelvic floor problems during their lifetime, the Elvie Trainer was designed as a fun and effective tool to address the core of the problem. Working to help visualise a hidden set of muscles, the smart device supports everything from core stability to bladder control, postnatal recovery and intimate wellbeing. Consider it an add on to your daily workout routine.

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Eloise McCullough and Eloise O’Sullivan of FIGR


Having immediately formed a connection at a corporate job in 2016, it didn’t take Melbourne friends Eloise and Eloise long to discover they not only shared a name but future visions too. After recognising the veil of shame that tainted the space, the duo set out on a mission to normalise Sexual Wellness. What came next was FIGR. Formulated and manufactured in Melbourne, FIGR blends native Australian extracts and naturally derived ingredients for a luxurious take on intimate care.


Georgia Grace’s tips for creating a healthy Sexual Wellness practice

1. Discover sexual wellness-positive content
Content around sexual wellness is more easily accessible than ever before, whether it’s podcasts, books, practitioners, IG accounts, documentaries or a sexual wellness series, there’s literally something for everyone. Engage with content that speaks to you and your interests as well as areas that you may have never been exposed to. It’s so important to listen and learn from a diverse range of people, backgrounds, sexualities, ages and experiences.

2. Prioritise solo exploration
Solo inquiry is a powerful tool and an integral part of a Sexual Wellness practice. Dedicate time to a solo practice to learn about your body!

3. Work through any blockages
As a result of social, cultural and political messages, many people experience blockages like shame or guilt when it comes to exploring pleasure. It is common, but there’s a lot you can do whether that’s seeking the support of a professional, individual inquiry in the way of journaling or speaking it through with someone you trust.

4. Create a toolkit!
There’s an incredible range of products out there that are designed to make pleasure even better.

5. Practice
Sexual Wellness is a practice, it’s not something you do once, rather it’s a lifelong inquiry. Your body, interests and relationships with others will change, and because of this, it’ll be important to keep up the exploration.

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