A Clean PM Beauty Routine with Grown Alchemist

Want to wake up to glowing skin and refreshed eyes? It all starts with your evening skincare.

While your body rests and resets overnight, skincare is hard at work creating the foundation for glowing skin. By washing away the day and replenishing hydration, an evening routine with Grown Alchemist’s skincare heroes enhances skin’s natural renewal process, so you wake up to a plump and luminous complexion. 

Here’s how to make the most of your PM beauty routine in five streamlined steps – featuring scientifically formulated skincare and a holistic beauty routine from Grown Alchemist.

1. Gently remove make-up

Fresh skin starts with removing any trace of make-up. Whether it’s just a lick of mascara or full-coverage foundation, gently removing make-up is essential for a proper cleanse. This step dissolves cosmetics without pulling on eyelashes or delicate skin, and ensures your cleanser can focus on refreshing the skin – rather than removing stubborn make-up as well.

Try the Detox Eye-Makeup Remover, which melts away make-up and soothes the skin around the eyes with chamomile extract and vitamin E. In one sweep, even waterproof make-up will disappear.

 2. Cleanse and rebalance the complexion

A cleanser gets deep into pores, lifting excess sebum, impurities and pollution. It gives skin a chance to breathe – and creates a clean base ready for your skincare routine. This unlocks skin’s nightly cellular renewal process and allows your targeted skincare steps to absorb with maximum efficacy.

In a formula like Grown Alchemist’s Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser, antioxidant olive leaf extract, balancing vitamin B and healing zinc replenish the moisture barrier while clearing out the skin. This cleanses and preps – without stripping skin – as you massage the cream across your complexion.

3. Treat signs of premature ageing

To maintain youthful skin, reach for forward-thinking formulas. A preventative skincare treatment addresses your skin’s needs as they change and targets the first signs of ageing – like fine lines, dryness and dark spots. In Grown Alchemist’s Instant Smoothing Serum, the antioxidants and hydrating actives like hyaluronic acid are the key to protecting your skin’s glow. As an all-in-one solution to soften fine lines and replenish dehydrated skin, the serum draws moisture in and plumps skin. After applying a couple of drops to clean skin, you’ll see a smooth, bouncy complexion.

4. Hydrate and protect delicate eyes

From puffiness to dark circles and crow’s feet, the first signs of ageing often appear around your eyes. So it pays to give the fine skin around your eyes some special care.

In a multitasking salve, the Hydra-Repair Eye Balm instantly depuffs eyes with cooling marigold and calming rosemary. Meanwhile, helianthus seed extract, glycoproteins and vitamin E improve the skin’s lipid structure and natural repair mechanisms. The eyes look brighter and fine lines are reduced overnight. To apply, warm the balm between your fingers, then tap around the eyes and orbital bone.

5. Nourish and repair while you sleep

A reparative moisturiser is the final step to lock your routine in and keep your skin’s surface soft and supple. In Grown Alchemist’s formula, powerful skincare actives like white tea amino acids and hyaluronic acid are combined with a rich, comforting texture. This makes it a multi-benefit evening step to reduce oxidative stress, enhance skin regeneration and optimise cellular repair. Simply press the velvety cream across the complexion, or double-down with a generous layer for a moisture-boosting treatment.